MYAPGr news for 2020

The blog has been long silent despite an particularly active year for MYAPGr members! Let’s stop this long break and give you some exciting news.

Despite the tragic spread of the Covid pandemic which will likely postpone our field trip plans for Winter 2021, many students and members of the team have spent the confinement making significant progress on their research. Huasheng Huang published his first PhD paper on the palm pollen record of the Kalewa section, where we have been working over the last few years. Similarly, Jan Westerweel published the results of his magnetostratigraphic work there. Finally, Alexis Licht published a compilation of the geochronological work done by the team in the Wuntho Ranges. References for all these papers are available in the Communications section.

Among other good news, Virginia Littell, who was working on the stable isotopic record in gastropod and bivalve shells along the Kalewa section, defended her Master Thesis at the University of Washington in December 2019. Daniel Perez-Pinedo, who was working with us on the pollen record of the Eocene-Oligocene Transition in the Minbu Basin, defended his Master thesis in July at the University of Amsterdam. His work has just received the East-West Seed Afstudeerprijs voor Plantenwetenschappen award from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities in the Netherlands.

We will post more update in the winter, as we have other papers in progress. In the meantime, you can stay tuned to our work on our facebook page.

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