On the road to the old volcanic arc of Myanmar

The first part of our 2017 field trip is now over, and we are done exploring and logging sedimentary rocks for this year. Our reduced team (Jan, Pierrick, Zaw Win, and Alexis) is now working on the old (Cretaceous and paleogene, 100 to 40 million years old) volcanic rocks of central Myanmar, in the Wuntho range. After a short stop at the university of Shwebo, to give geology books to the local department of geology, we are now driving every day on the narrow roads of the forested range. Our program: sampling for paleomagnetism and geochronology. Funny discovery: while sampling river sands in a local mountain stream, Alexis found the same weird-shaped gastropods and bivalves that we found in the 40 million years old deposits near Kalewa, but this time alive and well. Crazy resilience of freshwater invertebrates !

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