Geology outreach in the Kalewa township

Last Tuesday, U Zaw Win, director of the Max Myanmar mine (where we are spending most of our time working), invited the mining staff of the different companies of the valley, as well as several township officials, for an introductory class to geology by our team.

For an entire morning, we explained the basics of sedimentology, paleomagnetism, paleoclimatology and paleobotany to an audience of forty people, with the help of prof. Zaw Win (our Zaw Win, not the miner) for the translation. We tried to explain the broad geological history of Kalewa region, and how we are investigating it further. We even showed them how to drill a small core for magnetostratigraphy. A lot of interesting questions from the audience, about fossils, forests, and rock magnetism. A very rewarding experience!

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